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Georgia Chamber of Commerce CEO Prefers Charter Schools

Charter School Resources
Charter School Resources

Recently at a Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber luncheon, discussions regarding the proposed independent school system bill, known as HR4, dominated the forum. Chamber member Larry Feldman said “Dunwoody is very interested in creating its own school system with the belief that DeKalb is not managing that properly.”

After stating that the “independent school system bill isn’t necessary,” the Georgia Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Chris Clark responded with “We’ve been very supportive of charter schools.” Clark still stands in the same position on this method of education as he did two years ago when he stated, “a model exists within the charter school district bill.”

Clark continues to say that while an independent school system may be the best route in heavier populated areas, other parts of the state can barely support one school system. Because of this reality “You’ve got options to explore all the way before going to a district bill.”

Dunwoody City Councilman Terry Nall has a different opinion and believes the charter district bill is flawed and more local control is necessary. Read more about this article here.
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