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For Charter Schools

Charter School Financial & Back Office Support

For outstanding Charter School Financial & Back Office Support, nobody provides the experience & expertise of Avolon Accounting.

 As Your CFO Partner, Avolon Accounting Helps You Grow Successful Charter Schools

Like you, the Avolon Accounting team believes that charter schools provide a quality option within the American education system. Charter schools offer children options in public K-12 education, providing more opportunities to thrive and succeed in ways that complement the offerings of tradition public schools. Together, we’re growing successful Charter Schools all across the country, by helping you define and conquer your objectives in a timely manner.  No other accounting firm provides customized specialty charter school financial and back-office support of Avolon Accounting.

Charter Schools Specific Services

  • Internal Controls and Account Systems
  • Accounting Software Review/Implementation
  • Audit Preparation
  • Board and Management Financial Training
  • Bookkeeping
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Planning and Strategic Planning
  • Payroll Support
  • Start-Up and Renewal Petitions
  • Quality Control

At Avolon Accounting, We’re Passionate About Helping Charter Schools Succeed

For many families and students in areas with low-performing or failing traditional public schools, a charter school is often the only other option to find the most appropriate education setting. Whether you are in the exploratory, start-up, turn-around or growth stages with your charter school, Avolon Accounting has the proven experience and passion to help make your school operationally successful.

Avolon Accounting – A Trusted Partner for Your Charter School Financial Service Needs

Avolon Accounting provides more than 20 years of solid accounting expertise and proven results in charter school fiscal management, processes, monitoring and compliance. Our qualified accountants offer reliable accounting and customized accounting back office and CFO services nationwide to meet all your Charter School Financial and Back Office Support needs, wherever you are in this great land of opportunity.

“Our mobile-friendly platform not only provides you full visibility and transparency wherever you are, but is based on audit proofed national standards!”

Financial Services

Avolon Accounting provides turn-key, professional financial services to your Charter School. Our financial management services are cost-effective and take the pressure off of you to staff with expensive experts. We are the experts. Your students will benefit.

Audit & Compliance

Your board, your parents and the state will require full transparency. Our team understands how important audit and compliance issues are to your fundraising and performance reports. Avolon has 100% audit passing rate with best practice accounting back office and CFO service standards to bring your peace of mind.

Consulting & Training

Avolon is GA DOE approved GA Charter School Governance Board Trainer three years in the role.  Our experts from the actual fields in operations are available to consult, speak, educate, advocate and train to ensure your board, your parents and other stakeholders understand the fiscal health of the school.  We focus on practicality vs theory based training.

Start-Up & Renewal Petitions

The success or failure of your Charter School vision hinges on the craftmanship of your petition. Choosing a partner who understands the ropes and applies tried and true experiences to your circumstances greatly improves your chance of success.  Avolon has assisted numerous successful startup and renewal petitions.