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Achievement Highlights

  • Turned around four high-risk charter schools from out-of-compliance on all financial categories to good standing.
  • Turned around one high risk charter school during years three and four and successfully renewed its status.
  • Established a financial infrastructure system for a new charter school.
  • Assisted two charter schools with their bond financial model and thus obtained over $13 million in bonds being issued.
  • Turned around the State Charter School Commission (SCSC) financial performance evaluation framework measurement from ten points to ninety points with one-hundred point maximum within twelve months.
  • Turned around three charter schools from having a cash deficit to having positive cash on hand within twelve months. Avolon clients’ average days of cash on hand are over sixty days while SCSC recommends thirty days.
  • Successfully transitioned five charter schools from out-of-state management companies to an in-house Avolon accounting system.
  • 100% of our charter schools have audits with unmodified opinions (passing audits).
  • Turned around grant financial management at four charter schools from “out-of-compliance” to “in good standing”.
  • Assisted charter school with their QBE funding variance with the local school district with success in re-formulating the QBE allotment.
  • Implemented accounting standards best practices for fraud detection and prevention after the charter school discovered fraud.
  • Provided financial budget assistants to numerous new petitioners.