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Staff Training

Staff Training

At Avolon Accounting, we believe our success is only as good as the achievements of our staff. We understand that everyone comes from a different background and different levels of experience. While we embrace diversity among our staff, we also want to make sure that Avolon’s culture and high-performance standards are been carried out with consistency.

To achieve these goals, we believe staff training is the key to success. From the very beginning, we make sure each staff member is given the time to learn about our culture and our procedures through an initial week-long training program.

We understand everyone has a different pace in the learning curve. While we are guiding the staff through our standardized onboarding training, our HR and managers observe and evaluate your progress during the first 90-day evaluation period. After this evaluation period, we will then create a personalized training plan which is designed to foster and encourage the unique strengths each employee brings to Avolon Accounting.

Once a month, Avolon provides half-day skills training programs to ensure that our team is up to date with current accounting and financial best practices, compliances changes, as well opportunities to develop strong interpersonal skills.

In addition to these training goals, we also provide industry customized training and certification opportunities such as governmental accounting, GA Charter school financial certifications, nutrition program fiscal management, etc.

At Avolon, we believe that individual growth is essential to our success as a team.