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Susan Hammonds-Harris

Susan Hammonds-Harris


Susan Hammonds is Avolon’s Human Resources Director. Susan is highly regarded as a professional in the Human Resources field and brings over twenty-plus years of experience, specializing in education. She has spent the last nine years serving as a Director of Human Resources and HR Consultant to Georgia Charter Schools.

Her experience with charter schools includes start-up HR departments, revitalizing existing HR departments and clean-up/turn around assignments. Her integrity and passion for human resources has made her an asset to charter school leaders and to many, a thought-partner. You will always find her on the side of “what’s legal…what’s right…and what’s fair”. She is a fierce advocate for employees and is always able to balance both what is best for the organization with what is best for the employees.

Susan’s work in the community mirrors her work in education. She has been a mentor and spiritual counselor for over fifteen years. She also served as overseer of The Ladies of Elegance Mentoring Program for eight years, teaching charm and etiquette to girls in grades K-12.